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Agenda and Delegations

1. Devising Measures to Combat Against Tuberculosis in the Early 20th Century.

2. Devising Measures to Improve Global Response towards Emerging Epidemics after Global Outbreak of Influenza

Devising measures to combat tuberculosis in the early 20th century involved a combination of medical and public health initiatives. During this period, the development of the tuberculosis sanatorium became a key approach, offering patients rest, fresh air, and good nutrition, which were believed to be crucial in combating the disease. Additionally, public health campaigns focused on educating the population about TB prevention and the importance of early detection, along with efforts to improve living conditions and reduce overcrowding, known contributors to the spread of the disease.

Devising measures to improve the global response to emerging epidemics is crucial, especially in the aftermath of the global influenza outbreak. One key aspect is enhancing international cooperation, ensuring that countries share information, resources, and expertise in real time to combat the spread of disease effectively. Investing in robust healthcare infrastructure globally, particularly in under-resourced regions, is essential to ensure readiness and resilience against future epidemics. 

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